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A little SERUM Pure Detox in your day can make all the difference

A little SERUM Pure Detox in your day can make all the difference

Hand on our hearts, we believe we have created the silver-bullet of serums. A must have in your skincare routine. Here’s why….

Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies and it is bombarded with stressors every day. From the outside with daily exposure to smoke, dirt, pollution, UV radiation or too many hours in office air-conditioning. From the inside with poor eating choices and excessive drinking to name just a few. If our bodies are under stress, be sure it’s going to show up in our skin. Dull, dry, red, blemish-prone and irritated skin are all signs that we need a detox and a healthy boost. Even if we think we take good care of ourselves, sometimes our skin needs a little extra TLC to look its best.

When you hear the word detox you probably think of a restrictive diet, drinking stinky herbal teas and popping loads of pills. Lots of time, money, effort and it’s definitely not fun. That doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to looking after our skin. We all know that healthy skin is what makes us look younger and more radiant. So it makes sense to use products that support and protect healthy skin, right?

Speaking for ourselves, as busy working parents we often need a little help to look our best. We sure don’t get as much sleep as we need, sometimes we drop the ball on healthy eating and the occasional wine can be a little too frequent. I know we’re not alone here. One of the most common queries we get from our customers is “what product would you recommend I use everyday to make my skin look its best?”

That’s why we developed SERUM Pure Detox. An easy, all-in-one daily treatment to purify, clear and reinvigorate the skin for a youthful and healthy glow. For all skin types and ages.



SERUM Pure Detox works in three ways:

  1. It is a potent detoxifying treatment. Tones, refines pores and eliminates toxins, pollution and excess oils deep within the skin
  2. It provides daily protection from free radicals that can inflame, irritate and age the skin
  3. Revitalises complexion with potent vitamins and antioxidants. With a mild moisturising agent to nourish and hydrate the skin without the need of a follow-up moisturiser. 

All skin types and conditions can benefit from including SERUM Pure Detox in their daily routine.



Like all the Serums in our range, SERUM Pure Detox has a high concentration of active ingredients, carefully selected for their potent therapeutic properties.

SERUM Pure Detox is a dynamic fusion of:

Colloidal Silver - a potent antimicrobial and anti-bacterial. Germs are everywhere! Silver keeps the skin clear from daily exposure to germs that can irritate, inflame or cause breakouts. That’s why doctors utensils are made out silver.

Eucalyptus Stem Cells - clears congested, oily and dull skin. Stimulates cell regeneration for a fresher complexion.

Vitamin C - one of the most effective antioxidants available. Helps to repair damage from UV exposure and free radicals. Reduces redness and blotchy skin. Brightens skin tone.

Burdock Root - increases circulation to the skin for a healthier glow. Also assists to detoxify the epidermal (top layers) of the skin.

Red Algae Extract - provides potent antioxidant protection and shields the skin from on-going damage. Assists the production of collagen stores for an anti-ageing boost.

Hyaluronic Acid - Intensely hydrating, instantly plumps and moisturises the skin. Assists to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

SERUM Pure Detox also has a mild moisturising agent built-in so a follow up moisturiser is optional. Saving you time with your skincare routine.



A lightweight and fast-absorbing cream-gel hybrid. With a cool peppermint scent and zest when first applied to the skin. Immediately you will notice a clearer complexion. With on-going use, it can support clear, healthy and radiant skin - every single day!



You, me, everyone. Anyone wanting to take care of their skin and are looking for a fresh daily boost.



Morning and / or night after cleansing, apply 1-2 pumps to the entire face and neck. Those with drier skin (or during colder months) can follow with your choice of moisturiser. Combination to oilier skin (or during warmer months) might decide to not use a moisturiser.

SERUM Pure Detox can be used in association with our other Serums:

SERUM Age Rescue - use SERUM Age Rescue at night and SERUM Pure Detox in the morning

SERUM Hydrate - use SERUM Hydrate at night and SERUM Pure Detox in the morning

SERUM Anti-Blemish - use SERUM Pure Detox at night and SERUM Anti-Blemish in the morning

SERUM Eye Revive - can be used at any time