Who are Michael and Paul?

Our journey began when we were preparing to become parents for the first time. We thought we were healthy, eating a traditional meat and dairy based diet, until we were introduced to a plant based lifestyle by our son’s amazing surrogate who gave birth to the healthiest vegan baby possible!  After a few weeks of eating plant based, we realised how much better we both felt and decided to make the lifestyle change permanent.  

Eating healthier got us thinking about every aspect of our lives - including the cleaning products we used and the products we put on our skin. We knew that we wanted to use skincare that was plant based, cruelty free that also worked. That you shouldn't just focus on diet to be healthy, but incorporate all aspects of a plant based lifestyle into your life to reduce your overall chemical load.  Fast forward 6 years and we have Antidote Essentials. 


Our promise to you 

We believe in the power of nature and the body to heal.  That premium and effective skincare shouldn't use harsh chemicals that can strip and irritate your skin. That your best skin can be achieved with potent ingredients from nature to cleanse, heal, nourish and bring balance, no matter your skin type. Where possible, we use locally sourced and organic ingredients. 

We are not a supermarket brand and you'll notice the difference straight away.  We use premium ingredients that have been selected for their therapeutic properties, plus they smell amazing. The sizes are large and the products go a long way - you don't need to use a lot so its great value for money.